orgprophet: they said i was crazy ... this is way different ... way different ... corruption levels have accelerated exponentially with the gfc ... I would love for it to go that long, but it won't .. I'm not looking forward to what is next Jul 26, 2019 16:33:40 GMT 10
WolfDen: I hope everyone is having a good week! Jul 31, 2019 18:04:38 GMT 10
SA Hunter: Hi all - been away for quite a while - hope you are all well. Aug 4, 2019 20:52:42 GMT 10
WolfDen: Hi SA. Hope everyone had a great weekend! Aug 5, 2019 0:01:16 GMT 10
SA Hunter: Up to 40mm rain by the weekend - and cold & windy. Stay warm & dry peeps. Aug 6, 2019 23:02:47 GMT 10
spinifex: Was working out on an exposed hilltop in a paddock when the front came through. Nearly got blown away by a squall that must have been 100kmh. Battling to stand up in it and quite a few trees had large branches snapped off. Aug 9, 2019 15:46:27 GMT 10
fei: If anyone is wondering how clueless journos are about firearms, have a look at 60 Minutes tonight. Apparently the airsoft gun those lads in Canada played with before their rampage is "one of the closest objects on the market to a realistic machine gun" Aug 11, 2019 19:02:38 GMT 10
fei: Aug 11, 2019 19:02:41 GMT 10
fei: I guess the fact that it fires plastic balls 20 metres makes it really dangerous and realistic Aug 11, 2019 19:03:17 GMT 10
spinifex: Hi Fei, Good to see you back. Yeah, what a bunch of morons. We all have bigger fish to fry. Aug 11, 2019 21:31:32 GMT 10
spinifex: Anyone else here watch the David Attenborough show on Climate Change? Pretty depressing. Why worry about gel guns? Or real ones? Looks like my desalination experiments just got more pertinent. Aug 11, 2019 21:34:46 GMT 10 *
spinifex: Soon the only reliable water left will be the sea. Evidently there wont be much left living in that either. Bring on the asteroid. Aug 11, 2019 21:36:14 GMT 10
WolfDen: Hello everybody. Hope you all have had good weekend and ready take this week on! Aug 12, 2019 19:40:41 GMT 10
SA Hunter: HI all - hope you are well - finally some sunshine after over a week of wet, windy weather. Aug 13, 2019 9:43:09 GMT 10
thereth: Gday lads, long time no see! Aug 13, 2019 18:25:49 GMT 10
SA Hunter: Hi reth - how've you been? Aug 13, 2019 22:24:22 GMT 10
thereth: yeah good mate, flat out, new house, job and all that since I have been here, thought I would jump back into the lifestyle, the eldest daughter is pretty keen which has given me a push Aug 13, 2019 22:26:40 GMT 10
SA Hunter: Glad to hear things are working out for you-good to have family on board too. Aug 14, 2019 17:58:21 GMT 10
thereth: thanks, finally bought a few acres (not sure if I had that last time I was on here) so have been working on getting all that sorted Aug 14, 2019 18:37:04 GMT 10
SA Hunter: Hi all. Welcome to our newest members. Aug 17, 2019 19:23:26 GMT 10
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Guest's Area

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No New Posts Waiting Room

The Waiting Room is a place where guests of Ausprep can chat, discuss and ask questions on all things being prepared.

15 255 Prepping for polar shift
by spatial
May 26, 2019 0:29:44 GMT 10


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No New Posts Forum Suggestions

Got a suggestion or request? This is the place to post it!

24 248 Cybercrime Board
by Peter
Apr 24, 2017 21:35:38 GMT 10
No New Posts Competitions, Giveaways and Polls!

A place where you can win cool stuff

20 375
No New Posts General Discussions - 1 Viewing

A place where you can chat about anything and everything non-preparedness related.

Sub-board: The Observation Point

445 5,514 Mylar bags
by SA Hunter
Aug 11, 2019 0:58:29 GMT 10
No New Posts Informative Links

A place to post any non-preparedness links that you would like to share with other members.

37 180 Life and making a living in isolated Siberian forest
by spinifex
Jul 21, 2019 8:57:54 GMT 10

Preparedness and All Things Related

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Pop Quiz

We all know the answers to these basic questions... or do we?

6 116 Observing & predicting the weather
by spatial
Dec 17, 2018 18:49:59 GMT 10
No New Posts Informative Links

Links to other sites relevant to Preparedness

47 135 The Prepper Journal’s Huge list of Prepping Websites.
by SA Hunter
Aug 5, 2019 20:06:37 GMT 10
No New Posts General Prep Talk

A place where anything prep related can be discussed

406 4,667 Media-Generated Fear Is Driving "Doomsday Prepping"
by Joey
Aug 15, 2019 20:26:59 GMT 10
No New Posts What did you do today to be more prepared? - 1 Viewing

What prepping did you do today?

29 7,289 The Prepper's Diary 2019
by frostbite
Aug 18, 2019 12:51:45 GMT 10
No New Posts Planning and Logistics

The nitty gritty of preparation

Sub-boards: Coping with Disasters or Traumatic Events , Preparedness Courses, Disaster Preparedness Course - U of P

84 789 Bush Grandpa and Grandma
by Tim Horton
Jun 17, 2019 22:14:54 GMT 10
No New Posts Pre-Modern Living and Survival

Discussion of pre-modern living and survival.

46 430 18th Century Cooking
by Frank
Aug 3, 2019 23:25:29 GMT 10
No New Posts Outback Survival

A board to discuss Outback Survival

18 132 70’s version of Survivor - ABC four corners
by spinifex
Apr 27, 2019 14:29:23 GMT 10
No New Posts Gear: BOB, INCH, EDC, GHB

A place to discuss all things gear related, including BOB's, INCH's, EDC's, and GHB's.

Sub-board: My favourite prep

120 1,723 The benefits of cheap brown trousers
by Tim Horton
Jul 30, 2019 4:28:36 GMT 10
No New Posts Medical, Health and First-Aid

A place where you can discuss and ask questions on all thing health, medical and well being related.

Sub-board: Natural (Herbal) Medicine

202 1,222 FLU WATCH! Winter Influenza Season 2019
by frostbite
Aug 8, 2019 21:27:23 GMT 10
No New Posts How are you travelling. - 1 Viewing

How are you travelling? Really!

Sub-board: Please Read First.

2 7 Is anybody out there???
by spinifex
May 7, 2019 20:06:38 GMT 10
No New Posts Bunker Down or Bug Out - 1 Viewing

A board where we can discuss our SHTF options in regards to 'bunkering down' or 'bugging out'.

57 615 Advice for burying shipping containers
by Tim Horton
Mar 30, 2019 10:29:10 GMT 10
No New Posts International Preparedness

A place were all our international members can post outside the general boards.

5 89 Canada, US Border Wall
by spinifex
Jun 2, 2019 17:22:40 GMT 10
No New Posts Prepping & Religion

Due to the nature of this topic, this is a private board and access needs to granted. Message Admin or Remnantprep to discuss gaining access.

Moderator: remnantprep

Sub-boards: Welcome to religion and prepping, General Religion

95 814
No New Posts State & Territory Based Preparedness

Got a state specific request, idea, suggestion or question? Post it here.

36 617
No New Posts Communications

A place to discuss all forms of communications pre and post SHTF.

40 368 Mass Surveillance & How To Escape It With Paul Rosenberg - D
by jonasparker
Feb 10, 2019 7:46:55 GMT 10
No New Posts News - 4 Viewing

A board for both local and international news and events.

Sub-boards: Venezuela, War Files, 2016, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017/2018, Links

509 3,582 How Australia is exposed to invasion.
by frostbite
Aug 18, 2019 12:46:07 GMT 10
No New Posts Reviews - 1 Viewing

Got a review you want to share? Anything from books to products, here is the place to do it!

39 335 Prepper book for non-Preppers
by twooldblueshoes
Dec 29, 2018 17:02:50 GMT 10
No New Posts Multimedia - 1 Viewing

Here's where you can post links to different multimedia mediums.

56 2,430 Music Thread!
by hd1340
Aug 12, 2019 23:36:12 GMT 10

Self Sufficiency

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Hunting & Fishing - 1 Viewing

A thread for all things hunting and fishing related.

Sub-board: Fishing

53 554 Nice bolt actions
by frostbite
Jul 29, 2019 19:15:13 GMT 10
No New Posts D.I.Y Projects - 1 Viewing

A domain to post any 'Do It Yourself' (D.I.Y) projects.

122 790 Building a Traditional Log Cabin.
by SA Hunter
Aug 11, 2019 13:35:13 GMT 10
No New Posts Homesteading

A forum to discuss homesteading and self-sufficiency

66 640 Dehydrators
by milspec
Aug 17, 2019 12:38:29 GMT 10
No New Posts Food Files - 1 Viewing

Share your recipes here.

Sub-boards: Food Storage, Home Recipes, Pete's Food & Beverage

262 2,129 The New Complete Book of Food
by Joey
Aug 13, 2019 9:01:16 GMT 10
No New Posts Gardening

Gardening related threads and questions

Sub-board: Container Gardening.

124 1,042 Spinifex garden pictorial - regular updates
by jo
Aug 16, 2019 6:26:15 GMT 10
No New Posts Water

Topics related to water, storage and purification

42 197 Michael Pritchard: How to make filthy water drinkable.
by SA Hunter
Aug 8, 2019 17:25:32 GMT 10

Ladies Lounge

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts The Couch

The couch, a place where you can sit down and talk about all female related preparedness.

24 75 reusable sanitary pads - a small victory
by tomatoes
May 31, 2019 16:38:34 GMT 10
No New Posts Preparing with children - 1 Viewing

A place to discuss how you prepare with and for your children

Moderator: remnantprep

Sub-board: KidsPrepClub

60 388 Getting Children Involved in Preparing
by Pion
Mar 27, 2019 12:01:08 GMT 10


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No New Posts Pandemic - 1 Viewing

A board for discussion on all this Pandemic related.

Sub-boards: Ebola, Bird Flu, Influenza, Diseases & Plagues

91 1,096 5 Old-Time Diseases That Are Making a Comeback.
by SA Hunter
Aug 5, 2019 12:18:45 GMT 10
No New Posts Man Made

Anything man made that could possibly create a SHTF scenario

79 689 Power cuts affecting millions of people continue.
by spinifex
Jun 21, 2019 17:09:56 GMT 10
No New Posts Natural Disasters

Any concerns, questions or insights into natural disasters can be voiced in this thread.

Sub-boards: Heatwaves, Global Warming or Cooling!!, Disasters from Space, Storms and Floods, Droughts, Volcanoes, Tsunamis, Bushfires, Earthquakes

179 778 Devastating Crop Losses Are Literally Happening All Over.
by frostbite
Aug 16, 2019 11:09:30 GMT 10
No New Posts Financial Collapse - 1 Viewing

Any concerns, questions or insights regarding the economy and potential financial collapse can be voiced in this thread.

158 1,134 Australia faces ‘20-25 per cent chance of recession’
by SA Hunter
Aug 17, 2019 19:03:49 GMT 10
No New Posts Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies! A section solely for the un-dead.

26 256 Zombie Apocolypse Memes.
by spinifex
May 30, 2019 19:20:25 GMT 10
No New Posts Other

Other scenarios and events

Sub-board: Conflicted

70 821 Real SHTF for colleague
by jonasparker
Apr 20, 2019 3:30:43 GMT 10


Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Cyber Crime

A place to discuss all cyber crime related issues, from personal to global in scope.

5 62 Recent possible attempt at a cyber-ambush here at Ausprep
by Peter
Apr 10, 2019 10:23:09 GMT 10
No New Posts Home Security

Any insights or questions regarding home security can be shared here.

42 384 Indian couple throw slippers at men wielding knives
by twooldblueshoes
Aug 14, 2019 14:49:04 GMT 10
No New Posts Personal Security

Members can share insights into personal security here.

44 425 nerve strikes for self defence
by spinifex
Nov 30, 2018 16:49:18 GMT 10
No New Posts Firearms and Weapons

A board to discuss weapons, both modern and primitive. Includes both hand held, traps, snares and firearms.

159 2,199
No New Posts Informative links

A place to post informative links regarding security.

12 70 Understanding thermal and NV imaging
by milspec
May 6, 2019 21:52:02 GMT 10

Business Matters

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No New Posts Plug My Business

Aussie Business? FB Page, Website? Feel free to post a free plug here!

23 677 Custom Field Equipment
by milspec
Aug 17, 2019 10:02:02 GMT 10


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