myrrph: but does mainstay taste good tho? I watched the urban prepper taste test.. I think same thing over 72 hours is a baaaaaaaaaaaad idea. Jul 16, 2021 15:16:25 GMT 10
survivalstorehouse: We did a lot of taste tests - its all vanilla shortbread taste - Mainstay was good because it held moisture and so wasn't thirst provoking - but yeah you had to be pretty hungry to enjoy it :-) Jul 16, 2021 18:08:28 GMT 10 *
Tri-Polar: I lived off it for a week no dramas. But im also the person who has noodles for breakfast and lunch 6 days a week. Jul 16, 2021 18:34:30 GMT 10
Joey: I've still got a bunch of the sample food biscuits from survivalstorehouse for members to try, please PM if interested Jul 16, 2021 18:38:32 GMT 10
SA Hunter: Well, it's cold, wet, windy here in SA - more to come - welcome to winter! Jul 16, 2021 19:56:35 GMT 10
myrrph: I have been thinking about savoury long life survival food coz I am not a big fan of sweet stuff. but you're right, the thirst factor is a major point. I've tried making pemmican (and failed) now gonna try hard tack (like at last!). Jul 19, 2021 13:29:01 GMT 10
myrrph: One good thing about this pandemic, is that it allows me to try all these nice prepping things ^_^ Jul 19, 2021 13:29:24 GMT 10
malewithatail: Also enables one to go over the preps and tidy up the shed. Jul 19, 2021 14:50:37 GMT 10 *
SA Hunter: Well, SA going into a "not a lockdown" lockdown. Yay! Jul 19, 2021 19:47:28 GMT 10
spinifex: And now SA is in a full Lockdown for 7 days ... toilet paper sold out within hours!! LMAO What the heck is with that behavior?? Jul 20, 2021 17:01:57 GMT 10
SA Hunter: LOL, it's hilarious! Jul 20, 2021 17:48:50 GMT 10
Tri-Polar: Plenty of time to do some weeding, since i spent an hour today and barely made a dent. But QLD, so no lockdown. But if we did, ammunition supply is essential, thus still going to work. :) Jul 20, 2021 18:23:37 GMT 10
SA Hunter: We've got up to 40mm rain coming next 7 days - another shed clean up is on the cards. Jul 20, 2021 22:21:35 GMT 10
SA Hunter: People on social media whinging that the shelves at supermarket empty, nothing for them to buy - lessons not being learnt! Jul 20, 2021 22:23:04 GMT 10
frostbite: You can't fix stupid Jul 21, 2021 8:06:49 GMT 10
malewithatail: Went shopping today, holes appearing in shelves at wollies. Amazing. get prepped people. Jul 21, 2021 18:09:12 GMT 10
Joey: Anyone with mates in Talisman Sabre that can hook us up with a box or 2 of US MRE's? Jul 22, 2021 13:52:51 GMT 10
SA Hunter: 22mm rain so far-more to come. Jul 22, 2021 22:45:03 GMT 10
Tri-Polar: We been getting the yanks in the shop here, they think the games are some secret hush hush thing. Jul 23, 2021 19:30:43 GMT 10
Tri-Polar: What an afternoon. 4 hours of trying to set up and position my 4g directional antenna (1hour to drive into town for fittings and back). Sealed up hole and roof. Then realize i forgot to re run my VHF/UHF antenna wire. Jul 24, 2021 17:49:20 GMT 10
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